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Principal's Welcome

  • Welcome to Ashland Middle School!

    203 11th Street East, Ashland, WI 54806 (715) 682-7087 

    Jake Levings, Principal

    Overview of AMS:

    The philosophy and curriculum of Ashland Middle School is specifically designed to meet both the educational and developmental needs of Middle School students as they move through the transition from elementary school to high school.

    Ashland Middle School delivers educational services to students in grades six through eight using the House System. The House System allows a core group of teachers to teach Core Academic Classes to a common group of students. This allows teachers and students to develop relationships and work together collaboratively to develop a community of learners within the overall structure of the Middle School. Students' five Academic Core Classes include: reading, mathematics, science, language arts, and social science. In addition, students at Ashland Middle School are exposed to Related Arts Classes which consist of art, computer education, technology education, family and consumer education, health, physical education, and guidance. Ashland Middle School offers a full range of fine arts experiences to students that include: band, orchestra, music appreciation, and choir.

    Our Mission/Purpose:

    We, the staff at the Ashland Middle School, strive to improve student learning by focusing on academic standards, higher order thinking, technology, and life skills. 

    Our School Vision:

    We, the staff at the Ashland Middle School, will continue to develop a culture of compassion and concern for students, teachers, and parents which will lead to an increase in the ownership, collaboration, and connections between these three groups.  With this culture and partnership we will strengthen and increase student learning.

    Our Values:

    We, the staff at the Ashland Middle School, are committed to achieving our mission and vision by having a strong focus on our partnerships and student learning.  We will strive to be fair, innovative, adaptable, and flexible, while we work with integrity, and enthusiasm, to establish trust between each other.  We will strive to be consistent with our expectations and responses.  We will not view a lack of success as failure, but as an opportunity to try new methods.

    Our Goal:

    Our goal is to improve student learning based on Wisconsin academic standards, life skills, higher order thinking, and technology.

    • OBJECTIVE 1 (Differentiated Instruction)-To increase student learning by accurately identifying big ideas (concepts) and learner outcomes, and then evaluate student learning through knowledge based assessment which will allow for differentiated instruction.
    • OBJECTIVE 2 (Life Skills) - To develop life skills (social, academic, and career) in students in order to strengthen their abilities to participate in educational activities and learn identified outcomes.
    •  OBJECTIVE 3 (Family Involvement)-To support and increase family involvement in the school community and the educational process.

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