The AFS/Exchange Student Club is open to all interested students at Ashland High School.  Participation in this club is a great way to meet new people from different parts of the world.  This student run club elects new officers each year to help plan and organize activities throughout the year.  If you are interested in learning about different cultures, meeting new people, and having fun, please consider becoming a member.  The AFS/Exchange student club meets twice a month after school. Typical activities include:  playing games, field trips, hosting a dance, making new friends and learning about other cultures.

    GRADES: 9-12

    LENGTH OF SEASON: The entire school year

    ADVISOR: Jon Flynn



    The AHS Band is a great source of pride for our school.  The students in this group will perform in concerts, parades, pep bands, marching bands, and contests.  It is a fun time to learn about music and yourself.  You will make friends here that will go with you for a long time.

    The AHS Jazz Band is also known as Oredock Memorial Jazz.  Students must be in band, choir, or orchestra to be a part of this elite group of musicians.  These students do a great deal of public relations for our school in addition to the learning they receive.  This group does concerts, dances and special appearances throughout our community.  If you love to play good music this is the group for you.

    GRADES: 9-12

    LENGTH OF SEASON: Year-round

    ADVISOR: Brett Hulmer



    The AHS Orchestra provides opportunities for students interested in playing and performing with stringed instruments.   The orchestra performs concerts in conjunction with the AHS Concert Band.

    GRADES: 9-12

    LENGTH OF SEASON: Year-round

    ADVISOR: Deb Powers


    CHOIR - Concert and Show

    Students who enjoy singing will enjoy the several choir opportunities at AHS. The concert choir is the large group choir which performs at varies AHS concerts and community events. If you enjoy, choreography mixed with your singing, the show choir, "Lake Effect" is the place to be. This group combines song and choreographed dance performing at concerts, competitions and many community events.

    GRADES: 9-12

    LENGTH OF SEASON: Year-round

    ADVISOR: Tim Delnay



    If you enjoy acting or helping a show come together, drama is a great place to meet kids and have the chance to be involved in several drama productions. The drama departments puts on two differnt performances.   Generally, a fall drama choice and a spring musical. If you are not the acting type there is always room for set designing, painting, props, costumes etc.

    GRADES: 9-12

    LENGTH OF SEASON: Year-round

    ADVISOR: JoAnne Dormady


    Speak Your Peace

    CCC named originally is now called Speak Your Peace.  It is a violence-prevention program that teaches concepts and techniques that empower bystanders to become the caring majority and effectively intervene in bullying situations.   The program is guided by concepts of 6 homeroom lessons and driven by a cadre comprised of students, staff, administration and community members which in turn implement all school and community-wide campaigns.  The program aims to 1) create a safe and respectful learning environment in the schools of the Ashland School District and 2) transform the climate of the greater Ashland community into one of respect, empathy and inclusiveness.

     We currently have many activities built around the Speak Your Peace program including the ‘Caught Caring’ campaign and Celebration Week.  If you are interested in learning about our program here at AHS or would like to donate your time, money, or become a member of the steering committee please contact Greg Posewitz, Joe Corbine Jr. or Roxanna Turner at 682-7089.

    GRADES: 9-12

    LENGTH OF SEASON: Year-round

    ADVISOR: Roxanna Turner/Joe Corbine Jr.


    Club de Espanol

    Open to all Spanish students.
    Practice speaking Spanish and enjoy snacks with friends.
    Volunteer at the Faith in Action Mexican Fiesta in November.
    Sing carols in Spanish on Main Street at Christmas.
    Go to Concordia Village Weekends - Fun language immersion programs, Bemidji MN
    Go to Cuernavaca, Mexico.  One week of Spanish classes and sightseeing.
    Go to Spain - Two week trips including a homestay with a Spanish family.
    Organize the "Sweeties" dance as a fundraiser.
    Go on a field trip to the Twin Ports in April or May to visit the Spanish program at St. Scholastica, UMD, or UWS and have lunch at a Mexican restaurant.
    Three dollars ($3.00) for dues annually.
    Weekly meetings on Tuesday.  (Okay if you can only be present once in a while!)

    GRADES: 9-12

    LENGTH OF SEASON: School year

    ADVISOR: Gretchen Burke


    CROSS COUNTRY SKI CLUB/TEAM (affiliated with 4-H Chequamegon Area Nordic Ski)  

    AHS Cross Country Skiing (Nordic) has been around for 15 years and includes recreational skiers and a racing team for boys and girls.  Cross Country Ski season begins in December for the racing team (a co-op team with Washburn) and concludes the first of March.  Practices are 4 days a week with Saturday racing.  An occasional conference race may be held on a Tuesday.  The team skis in the Northern Conference of the Wisconsin Nordic Ski League.  Competitive athletes are eligible for club letters.  The Cross Country Ski team has equipment to check out to skiers who don't have their own.  Recreational skiing offers a chance to learn to cross country ski, check out skis and gear, and learn confidence on the trails while enjoying the best season of the year outdoors.  Recreational skiers meet Tuesdays and Thursdays during January and February.

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: December thru March
    ADVISOR: Abigail Scheller     COACH:  Doug Liphart




    Juniors and seniors interested in general business management should take a close look at this activity. DECA is an organization that also promotes many school and community activities along with involvement in district, state, and national competitions. Students also have the opportunity to run for many of the state offices openings on a yearly basis. What a great way to meet new friends in a business like competition.  

    GRADES: 11-12
    NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Determined by class enrollment
    LENGTH OF SEASON: The entire school year
    PRACTICES: Arranged by the student and the advisor
    TYPES OF ACTIVITIES: Class projects, community projects, concessions stand, district, regional, state, and national competitions.
    ADVISOR: Kim Dwyer





    Agribusiness has always been and will continue to be a very important industry to Wisconsin. Overall employment in agriculture, forestry abd fisheries is projected to grow by 14 percent. Students interested in this growing career field can join FFA. Various activities are planned throughout the year, competitions are heald, special programs are coordinated by participants and district, state and national competitions are available.

    GRADES: 9-12
    NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Class enrollment
    PRACTICES: Meetings are held during homeroom period, classroom time and on some evenings
    LENGTH OF SEASON: The entire school year
    ADVISOR: Sandy Naas



    Forensics is for people who love language and want to improve their public speaking skills.  Forensics is for you if you enjoy performing--poetry, short stories, storytelling, drama, radio speaking, or group interpretation of literature.  It's also for you if you enjoy preparing and presenting speeches--to inform, to demonstrate, to persuade or to give your opinion on current events.

    Our season starts in November with an informational meeting, followed by preparation and practice that you schedule individually with an advisor.  Our subdistrict and district competitions are held in February and March, with those who qualify heading to UW-Madison for state competition in April.

    So, if you want to have a great time, meet other people who love language, increase your skill and confidence as a speaker, and have a chance to visit Madison in the spring, become a member of the AHS Forensic Team!

    GRADES: 9-12
    PRACTICES: As arranged/one-on-one
    LENGTH OF SEASON: November - April

    TYPES OF ACTIVITIES: Sub-districts, districts and state competition.
    ADVISORS: Mary Jo Holzhaeuser/Roxanna Turner 



    The German Club at Ashland High School meets bi-weekly in room 311.  Activities during the school year include:  film screenings, german food sampling, discussions in german, cooking of authentic german meals, and anything else that eh club decides to do related to the german culture.  Students also have the opportunity to attend the German Language Villages in Bemidji, MN.  Students can consult the German Club website for additional information.

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School year
    ADVISOR: Ben Endres



    Graphic Design/Yearbook gives students an opportunity to design, produce, and market the Ashland High School yearbook.  Students will develop skills in all aspects of the yearbook production as well as skills related to running a small business.  Yearbook is an opportunity to enhance visual and verbal communication skills, develop social skills, and work as a team to produce a 128 page book with a 16 page supplement.

    GRADES: 10-12
    PRACTICES: Class  
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School year
    ADVISOR: Sandy Tomlinson



    High Quiz Bowl is an academic competition between various schools.  Competitions are held via digital media technology with other schools.  Teams of students answer questions with varying point values.  The season champion is crowned based on head to head competition with competing schools.

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: November - February
    ADVISOR: Nancy Pfeiffer



    The Math Club  is an academic competition between various schools.  This is a live competition held hosted by other schools.  A math champion is crowned each year.

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: February- March
    ADVISOR: Math Department/Pat Bonneville



    NHS is a national organization whose members meet high expectation criteria in the areas of academics, service and character.  Inductees go through a rigorous vetting process culminating in a tradition filled induction ceremony.  NHS members participant in many volunteer community events.

    GRADES: 11-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School Year
    ADVISOR: Tracy Smith/Melissa Petz



    The Native American Club is open to ALL students as AHS regardless of age, race or gender.  The primary purpose of our club is to provide culturally relevant activities and events for its members.  The secondary purpose  is to provide students with community service based activities and events that will reflect positively on job, college, and scholarship applications.  The Native American Club meets twice a month from 8-8:15am in room 248 (Ojibwe Language Room).  Membership fee is $5.00.  Fee is used as start up for various fundraisers.  We elect the following officers:  President, Vice President, Jr. Member, Sr. Member, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sgt. at Arms. 

    Past Events/Activities:
    Haunted House in Bad River
    Elementary School Pow-Wow support staff
    Various Homecoming Activities
    School Lock-ins
    Read Aloud at the Bad River Head Start
    Concession Booths at various athletic events
    College Campus Visits
    Field Trips to Minneapolis
    Community Service Projects
    Middle School Transition Program
    Native Youth Newsletter
    AHS Pow-wow

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School year
    ADVISOR: Joe Corbine



    The RPG Club is a social club for those interested in Role Playing Games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars.  Many other games are played, but these are the most recognizable.  Experienced and novice gamers are welcome.  Membership requirements:  Permission slip from parent/guardian and a $5.00 annual fee.  Fee money is reinvested in the club for materials needed.  RPG Club meets every Monday from 3:30-4:30pm in the AHS Library.

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School year
    ADVISOR: Chuck Levings



    Student Council allows students to participate in the governing process of selected student body activities.  These include Homecoming, Activity Day and other assorted events.  Students represent their class and can hold various offices on the council.

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School Year
    ADVISOR: Marie McFarlane



    The Wisconsin Sate High School Clay Target League provides the opportunity for AHS students to participate in competitive trap shooting against other school teams.  The club exists to emphasize the positive influence of shooting sports in an individual's life.  This is done through a safe, comfortable positive environment that enhances the participants self-concept, character and personal growth through safe educational and socially acceptable involvement in the shooting sports.  The competition is held weekly at Sports Hollow.  No guns are brought on the high school premises.  Studnet s may earn a club letter through successful participation.

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School year
    ADVISOR: Brian Mrnak



    Tech Club is where gamers meet in a virtual world to battle it out FSP's, explore virtual worlds, and try new computer games in a supervised network environment.  We meet on Thursdays after school in the Tech Ed Lab and game until 4:30 or 5:00pm.  Annual dues are $5.00, which usually funds the occasional pizza party.  Time really flies when you're gaming and our meetings are always exciting.

    Be one of the elite, bring your skills, cool screen name, $5, and join the Tech Club!

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School year
    ADVISOR: Dan Kovach



    Students may compete in Art and Design by creating and displaying artwork of various subject and them.  These include Community Art, Set Design, Giving Through Art, Social Justice Through Art to name a few.  Student may earn a club letter for their participation in competiton.

    GRADES: 9-12                                                                                        
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School Year
    ADVISOR: Danielle Penney


    W.A.T.E.R.S.    We Are Teens Encouraging Resource Sustainability

    All students welcome to weekly meetings on Monday at 3:30pm in Room 310.
    Volunteer this fall to label rain drains in Ashland to prevent dumping to Lake Superior.
    Encourage sustainable practices in our school and community.
    Select a related Service Learning project to work on this year.
    Participate in PeaceJam and meet a Nobel Peace Prize Winner in the spring.
    Help with fundraising activities.
    Sell Fair Trade chocolates.

    GRADES: 9-12
    LENGTH OF SEASON: School year
    ADVISOR: Gretchen Burke


    It is a privilege, not a right, to participate in extra-curricular/co-curricular activities. Enjoy your years at Ashland High School, have fun, follow the rules, and take pride in being an Ashland Oredocker.


    It is the policy of the School District of Ashland that no person may be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any curricular, extra-curricular, pupil services, recreational, or other program or activity because of the person's sex, race, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability or handicap as required by (Sec 118.13) Wis. Stat.  This policy also prohibits discrimination as defined by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (sex), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race and national origin), and Sec 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (handicap).

    For more information in regards to the School District of Ashland Co-Curricular Department, please see the Co-Curricular Code Book.