• District Leadership Team


    Within the district’s strategic plan, use data to develop a District Improvement Plan with 2-4 district-level SMART goals for the year ensuring connections to EE, CCSS, RtI, and Balanced Assessment/accountability measures.



    To help facilitate academic and social growth in all students by analyzing student and staff data to develop a District  Improvement Plan and provide comunication to all stakehoulders.



    • Understand and communicate the mission of collaborative work focused on student learning (academic and social)
    • Focus and facilitate the work of colleagues on student learning through the use of student data
    • Develop a District Improvement Plan (SMART goals and action plans)
    • Research latest trends in curriculum, instruction, assessment and grading to guide improvement plans
    • Study concerns of staff, administration and the Board of Education - develop a plan of action
    • Determine, support and plan district-wide and building-level professional development activities
    • Establish and coordinate a systematic, ongoing curriculum review and resource selection process
    • Assist leadership teams, as necessary, in completing essential EE, CCSS, RtI and Balanced Assessment tasks
    • Provide communication to the Board of Education and all staff about district improvement plans


    Team Members:

    Sue Reader - Instructional/Behavior Coach                AHS Teacher*

    Betty Erickson - G/T Coordinator                               Jenny Todus - Related Arts/Encore

    Julie Branham - LMT Specialist                                  Kelly Sundeen - Guidance

    Jenny Gierczic - LSE Teacher                                    Joe Corbine - Home/School Coordinator

    Megan Neuberger - LSE Teacher                               School Psychologist*

    MVS Teacher*                                                          Building Principals (4)

    AMS Teacher*                                                          Director of Student Learning*

    AHS/Special Education Teacher*                                Director of Student Services*

    Lake Superior Learning Community*                           Business Manager*

    Heidi Oliphant - LSE/SPED                                         Superintendent*

    AHS Teacher*                                                           (* as applicable)