• Ashland School District Staff

    Technology Skill Expectations


    This list of technical skills was developed by examining changes in the Ashland School District and what skills and knowledge staff will need to have in order to function effectively and efficiently in the district. The list was created by surveying employee groups, technical staff and administrators. This list does not reflect instructional or curricular needs and applications of these skills.


    Computer Management Skills – This list attempts to share what skills staff need in order to fully participate in district procedures and practices. For example the district uses email as the standard way of sharing information and every staff member needs to know how to use Outlook in order to stay informed.


    Curriculum and Technology Skills – Teachers in the Ashland School District need additional skills to use technology effectively as an instructional tool. The “Curriculum Skills” section identifies these skills with the understanding that this is a dynamic list that changes on a continual basis due to research, experience and availability of technology resources.

    This list is separated into two skill levels basic and advanced. The basic levels are skills that every staff member should know and be able to do. The advanced levels are skills which are desired.


    Technology Skill Expectations