• Wisconsin's Vision for Response to Intervention

    WI DPI RtI Website

    Wisconsin Response to Intervention: A Guiding Document

    RtI is a process for achieving higher levels of academic and behavioral success for all students through:

    • High quality instructional practice
    • Continuous review of student progress (multiple measures)
    • Collaboration

    Successful implementation of this framework in Wisconsin is based upon the following seven principles:

    • RtI is for ALL children and ALL educators.
    • RtI must support and provide value to effective practices.
    • Success for RtI lies within the classroom through collaboration.
    • RtI applies to both academics and behavior.
    • RtI supports and provides value to the use of multiple assessments to inform instructional practices.
    • RtI is something you do and not necessarily something you buy.
    • RtI emerges from and supports research and evidence based practice.


    Wisconsin PBIS Network

                        WI RtI Center


    School District of Ashland K-5 Response to Intervention Guide for Teachers  (Working document)


    Online Academic Intervention Tools:                                                            

    Compass Learning – This tool is an online instruction program that is individualized for each student using their RIT scores from their Measure of Academic Progress assessments. It is used for both Math and English Language Arts.  Log-In Link


    How to Guides:

                    Odyssey Basics for Teachers w/NWEA Learning Assignments

                    Odyssey Quick Start Guide for Teachers

                    Odyssey Test Builder - Step by Step

                    Generating Student Progress Report

                    Odyssey Quick Start Guide for Students and Parents


    Scholastic READ 180 – This tool is used at the middle and high school. It is a program that consists of direct instruction by a teacher, independent work and online learning. The content has been developed to be of interest to students at the middle and high school level; yet the reading level have been modified to allow students to grow and have success. It is used for English Language Arts.