• Guiding Principles

    Guiding Principles:

    Using the freedom provided by the charter mechanism and waivers from state requirements, these principles guide the governing council and staff of the Ashland Charter Schools:

    Guiding Principles

    • Foster Passionate Learners:

    Adults help students uncover their passions and set challenging goals for themselves. The school facilitates opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery and build confidence in their own abilities.

    • Emphasize the Learning Process:

    The educational model blends content with tools and critical thinking skills, enabling students to acquire, apply and transfer knowledge across disciplines. Students become confident and inquisitive problem solvers, eager to learn.

    • Do Real Things:

    In this project-based learning school, students engage in hands-on work that is meaningful to them. Learning is accomplished through the development of projects encompassing 21st Century Skills, service learning and community involvement while incorporating traditional subjects. Students share their learning experiences and create a portfolio of their work enabling them to share through a variety of mediums within and beyond the classroom.

    • Encourage Innovation

    We learn from success as well as failure. Critical components of a risk-taking environment are respect, honesty, integrity, trust, and an agreement that all members of the school are empowered to take an active role in their learning.

    • Engage Everyone – Learn Everywhere

    School, home and community relationships are critical to a project-based education. We partner with experts in business, arts, higher education, environmental and indigenous communities to provide learning experiences in and beyond the classroom.

    • Value Diversity

    All students are welcome and respected. The school promotes the advantages of learning from a student body that embraces diversity.

    • Rethink Everything

    We take a fresh look at how we use all resources and processes to support student learning. Ongoing reflection and improvement is embedded in our school culture.