Who can apply?

    Any student who resides in the district, is currently enrolled in the district under the open enrollment law, or applies for open enrollment to the charter school is eligible. Enrollment is capped at 100 students at LSLC and 50 students at OPS/LSHS.

    What if I reside outside the school district of Ashland or not currently enrolled in the district?

    Students who reside outside the district must follow the open enrollment process and apply to the charter school. Indistrict students who are not enrolled must contact the district to follow enrollment the process and apply to the charter school.

    Are there qualifications to apply?

    All students are welcome. Other than being an enrolled resident of the district or an open enrolled student, there are no qualifications to apply.

     Will the charter school serve students with disabilities?

    The district will provide the full range of special education to Charter School students as specified in Individual Education Plans or 504 Plans. The charter school will receive its proportionate share of IDEA funding to provide instructional specialists for students who need remedial instruction and curriculum modifications. Services such as the School Psychologist, School Nurse, School Counseling, OT/PT, Speech Therapy, Reading Specialists, and other required pupil services will be provided.

    What is the Lottery process?

    • A lottery is required if during either of the enrollment periods more students apply for the seats that are available in the school.
    • If, during the first enrollment period, too many students apply for the number of available openings, a lottery will be held and a second enrollment period will not be offered.
    • Students who are not selected in the lottery will be placed on a waiting list for one school year. The lottery will determine a student’s place on the waiting list.
    • If a lottery is required during either enrollment period it will be held within 1 week following the end of the enrollment period.
    • The lottery drawing will be arranged with the Ashland Charter Council and Ashland School District Superintendent. The date will be posted on the Ashland School District website, and the parents who have applied will be notified.
    • Parents are allowed to attend the lottery; however, it is not recommended that children attend.
    • Enrollment Confirmation Notices and Wait List Notices will be mailed immediately following the lottery.
    • If a family misses the enrollment period but would still like to have their child attend the Charter School, admittance will depend on any remaining available openings.

    Is there an enrollment priority? Priority enrollment will be granted to the following:

    • Students currently residing/enrolled in the School District of Ashland
    • Children of Charter School founding members
    • Children of Charter School teachers
    • Siblings of students who are enrolled in the charter school
    • Students who are enrolled in the charter school who wish to continue will be automatically reenrolled for the following year.

    How will I be notified?

    Students who win the lottery will be notified by mail. If any additional enrollment forms are necessary at that time, they will be sent with the notification letter. Students enrolled in the charter school will be automatically reenrolled for the following school year unless they withdraw, transfer, or advance to the 7th grade or 9th grade.

    What if I change my mind?

    You may withdraw your application any time prior to the enrollment notification by contacting the school. If you have already been accepted for enrollment and change your mind prior to the start of the school year, contact the school. If you are currently enrolled in the charter school and the school year has started please complete the district transfer request. Transfers during the school year occur at the semester break.