The School District of Ashland utilizes PEACHJAR for e-flyer distribution.  Your school e-flyers are posted on our website as visually engaging images and are also e-mailed to all parents.  Parents will access your school e-flyers through the Peachjar button that is on each schools' home page. 


    Please note: Schools cannot use their own Peachjar accounts to send out e-flyers for outside organizations.  Outside organizations must create their own Peachjar accounts and upload their own e-flyers for district approval (click on: 'Instructions for Outside Organizations', to the left, for more information).

    Each school building has a Peachjar Site Administrator who will approve and upload your e-flyer.  You can e-mail your e-flyer (pdf) to your building Site Administrator for processing.  Your e-flyer will then be e-mailed and posted on your buildings webpage. 


    Just like outside organizations can submit e-flyers to the School District of Ashland for approval to distribute to any of our schools, schools also have the capability to distribute e-flyers to other schools in our district.  If a school or parent club is hosting an event open to the entire community, and wants other schools' families to know about it, that school can send its e-flyer to the District Site Administrator with a list of schools to send the flyer to. 

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    SCHOOL DISTRICT OF ASHLAND POLICY - School-Sponsored Publications & Productions (Policy # 5722)