The School District of Ashland utilizes PEACHJAR for e-flyer distribution directly to parents.  Peachjar provides an innovative e-flyer management system that sends school-approved e-flyers directly to parents' inboxes.  The approved e-flyers are also posted on our website.  Parents are able to easily find, view and can take action to immediately sign up for activities and events on the e-flyers.  Paper flyers will no longer be distributed. 

    Community organizations may register with Peachjar as an "Enrichment or Community Organization" and upload your e-flyer (pdf) for distribution to one or all of the schools in our district.  Peachjar's fee to post a flyer is $25 per flyer per selected location.  If you are providing a completely free service, you can contact:  Peachjar Customer Support Team at (858) 997-2117 option #1 or e-mail at support@peachjar.com with your flyer details and they can assist you with posting your flyer for free.  

    After your e-flyer (pdf) has been submitted, it will be automatically routed for approval.  After approval, it will be e-mailed to parents and posted on our website as a visually engaging image. 

    If you would like to send information to School District of Ashland Staff, you can select "for District Staff" during your e-flyer uploading process.  Materials sent to staff, should be information about student and/or staff workshops, field trip opportunities, school-related materials.  All e-flyers will go through an approval process before being distributed.  

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    School District of Ashland Policy - Relations with Non-School Affiliated Groups (Policy #9700) 

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