• School District of Ashland Achievement Hall of Fame

    The School District of Ashland values the achievement of its students, teachers and community

    members. The School District of Ashland Hall of Fame will provide a lasting memory to the

    outstanding achievements of these individuals. The public display of their achievements will

    serve to advance the tradition and excellence of Ashland academics.


    Nominations to the School District of Ashland Hall of Fame shall be submitted electronically or

    by hardcopy to the high school athletic/activities office by September 30 th to be considered for

    induction in the spring of the following year. Nominations shall include the prescribed

    nomination form and three (3) letters of recommendation. The nomination form and letters of

    recommendations will comprise the basis for a candidate to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    Nominees may “roll over” for up to five years, remaining in the pool of potential inductees. After

    five years the nomination procedure will need to be repeated. A nominee should not only signify

    achievement but be a person of high moral character and integrity. Background information such

    as felonies would disqualify a person from becoming a nominee.


    Hall of Fame Online Form