• What does it mean to be College and Career Ready?

    Why ‘College Ready’?

    • Most jobs require post-secondary education.
    • Most of our students desire a post-secondary education.
    • There are many paths to pursuing a post-secondary education.  All have value in projected economy.
    • Provides a better chance at sustained employment and higher wages.

    College Ready (defined):  Effectively able to navigate the world of higher education

    • Goes beyond “college-content” ready.
    • Is able to effectively evaluate post-secondary options.
    • Understands expectations for completing a post-secondary credential with value in the projected economy.

    Why ‘Career Ready’?

    • Having an idea of what a student’s first career might be helps to inform their investment in post-secondary education and increases likelihood of completion.
    • Preparing for a career requires different skills and dispositions than preparing for college admission. 
    • Students need to be prepared to enter workforce at whatever time is right for them.

    Career Ready (defined):  Effectively able to navigate the world of work

    • Has identified the skills and interests they would like to leverage in a career.
    • Has a general understanding of the industries they could work in someday.
    • Understands how to identify the value of specific careers in projected economy.
    • Is able to apply what they have learned in a service/work setting.
    • Is able to effectively evaluate potential work environments.
    • Understands expectations to find and sustain employment.

    Both Require “Life Skills”:

    • Productive self-concept, ability to advocate, perseverance.
    • Demonstrated self-management.
    • Effective organizational and social behavior.
    • Value for life-long learning.

    ALL students benefit from relevant and practical academic and technical rigor inside and outside of the classroom. 

    Students need to understand how the world around them is engineered and be more than consumers of technology.