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    The School District of Ashland coordinates a number of district-wide and building level opportunities for students to explore a variety of post-secondary options in support of their Academic and Career Plan. Our Guidance and Career and Technical Education Departments invite a variety of guest speakers and provide both on-site college and career events and field trip opportunities (like the annual Wisconsin Education Fair) throughout the year.  For more information, contact our Guidance Department.

    Independent College & Career Research

    Career Cruising is a comprehensive web-based career exploration and portfolio program that supports the guidelines for Wisconsin’s ACP. Through the use of customization and reporting tools that accompany student resources, counselors, teachers and administrators can monitor students’ progress and communicate completion requirements.

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  •  Features/Benefits of Career Cruising:

    • Students can store work and volunteer experiences, career planning activities, hobbies, and interests in My Plan.
    • As students complete inventories, the results are automatically stored in My Plan.
    • Students can also record their scores from assessments completed outside of Career Cruising in Other Assessments.
    • Students can enter short and long-term goals, create a post-secondary plan, and document career planning activities in My Plan.
    • Students can create a 4-year plan that’s integrated with the school’s student information system, taking into account graduation requirements and prerequisites.
    • Students can explore careers by pathway in the national 16 clusters and review suggested high school programs of study.
    • Using the assessments section, students can see how their interests align with clusters and careers, as well as to their skills and abilities.
    • Students can review the admission requirements for all institutions listed in our database.

    • Students can also invite their parents to create a Parent Portal account directly from their My Plan account.
    • Students can track their progress in meeting the application requirements for each application they plan to submit.
    • Students can review employment trends on career profile pages as well as through the industries section.
    • Students can initiate their job search using the Job Search tool from career profiles of interest or the Employment Section.
    • Career Cruising’s products can also be used to support students with disabilities and helps educators meet national transition standards.
    • Students can carry one account with them throughout their entire academic career and their profile can be linked to student information systems.
    • Through the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS), educators can invite parents to view their child’s My Plan account.