• KNOW- Who am I?
      • Self-awareness activities
      • Individual reflection and goal-setting
    • EXPLORE- What do I want to do?
      • Career awareness assessment
      • Career research
    • PLAN- How do I get there?
      • Connecting middle and high school instructional activities with opportunities to explore or learn more about a particular field of interest.
      • Work-based learning opportunities
      • Extra-curricular and community-based learning experiences
      • Postsecondary training options
      • Financial plan to cover cost of postsecondary training
    • GO- Do IT!
      • Update regularly
      • Adapt/Modify Intentional Sequence of Courses
      • Adapt/Modify Personal Goals
      • Adapt/Modify Postsecondary/Career Goals
      • ACP Conferencing with families

    Personalized Learning Experience

    In the School District of Ashland, we know that all learning is personal. As students develop their Academic and Career Plan, we challenge them pursue learning experiences that will keep as many doors open as possible after high school. Students should strive to select experiences that are relevant, academically and technically rigorous, and provide the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions identified in our Vision of Our Graduate. The following opportunities provide several examples of how students can personalize their own education to support their personal, academic and career goals:

    • Career (Work-Based) Learning Programs
    • College in High School Programming
    • Opportunities to Earn Industry Certifications
    • Personalized Career & Technical Education Programs

    For more information on these career focused opportunities, contact Sandra Naas at 715-682-7089 ext 1107 or email her at snass@sdak12.net.