• Each of our school buildings are served by a Health Assistant and are under the direction of the District Nurse. The Health Assistants are responsible for managing the health needs of students during the school day. This includes medication administration, caring for ill students, managing chronic health conditions, providing first aid to injured students, and accessing EMS services when needed. 

    To contact the District Nurse, please call 715-682-7083 ext 4504. 

    To contact a Health Assistant, please locate your school’s Health Assistant on this page or call your child’s school building. 

    It is very important that your contact information is correct in the event that your child becomes injured or ill at school. Please also make sure to list emergency contacts for your children in case you’re unavailable at a time of emergency.

    Megan Kupczyk, District Nurse (RN)
    Lake Superior Elementary
    (715) 682-7083 Ext: 4504
    Fax 715-682-7506
    Sherri Langley, Health Asssitant
    Lake Superior Elementary
    (715) 682-7083 Ext: 3004
    Fax 715-682-7506
    Tracy McDonald, Health Assistant
    Marengo Valley
    (715)278-3286 Ext: 5001
    Fax (715) 278-3586
    Kathy Pingel, Medical Assistant
    Ashland Middle School
    (715) 682-7087 Ext: 2008
    Fax (715) 682-7944
    Heather Pritzl
    Ashland High School
    715-682-7089 Ext: 1006
    Fax (715) 682-2075