• Medication Administration Guidelines

    Students are NOT ALLOWED to have medication on them or in their lockers at school. If medication is needed at school, it must be kept in the school health office for dispensing by the health assistant. Medications should be dropped off by a parent/guardian in the main office. They should not be sent to school in your child’s backpack. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school and ask to be transferred to the health office.

    If your child requires over-the-counter medication at school, the medication MUST be kept in the original sealed container with the packaging that includes the dosing information. We ask that you bring in small containers of medication as we have limited space for storing medications. Medications that are left at the end of the school year and not picked up will be discarded. 

    Any medication that is needed at school is required to be provided by the parent/guardian. We do not have stock medications to administer to students.

    The parent/guardian must also sign a non-prescription medication administration form. School staff will only administer the dose that is indicated on the label. Administration of any dose other than the recommended dose on the label for the child's age/height/weight, will require a medical provider’s signature. Prescription medications should have the pharmacy label attached.

    For scheduled medication, please adjust the timing so that it can be taken outside of school hours, if possible.

    Self-carry for EpiPens and Inhalers:

    To have your child carry their own EpiPen and/or Inhaler, please have their provider indicate that on the Prescription Medication form. The physician should make sure that the child understands how to use the medication correctly before allowing them to self-carry. 

    Please use the links below to print the medication authorization forms that you need. If you don’t have access to a printer, these forms can be found in the main offices of our school buildings.

    AHS Fax: 715-682-2075

    AMS Fax: 715-682-7944

    LSE Fax: 715-682-7506

    MVS Fax: 715-278-3586

    Non-Prescription Form

    Prescription Form