Oredocker Hall of Fame:

    Wonderful things happen in Ashland schools all the time - Students do amazing academic and co-curricular work; teachers and other district employees inspire our children to recognize their potential; athletes and coaches win, lose and grow together; community members generously support the youth of our district; and alumni accomplish greatness in their chosen professions, just to name a few. To recognize and celebrate these things, the school board recently voted to create two halls of fame and approved guidelines for naming school district facilities.

    The district will create an Achievement Hall of Fame and an Athletic Hall of Fame beginning next school year. Nominations for these awards will be taken immediately. Anyone can nominate a person to be considered for either hall of fame. The nomination forms can be found on the district website: www.ashland.k12.wi.us. Complete nominations will include one completed nomination form and three letters of recommendation. Completed nominations will be reviewed by a committee of school and community members.

    The Athletic Hall of Fame nominations are due February 28, 2014 for consideration for induction in the fall of 2014. The induction ceremony will take place as part of the Homecoming week celebration. The Achievement Hall of Fame nominations are due next September 31, 2014 for a spring induction ceremony. The Achievement Hall of Fame is designed to recognize all achievements and contributions that are not associated with athletics. This might include the performing arts, other co-curricular events, academic accomplishments or community contributions to the School District of Ashland. Both halls of fame will be proudly displayed in the Ashland High School commons area.

    The school board also approved guidelines for naming of facilities in our district. Nominations for naming of facilities would be forwarded to any school board member. The school board would determine the viability of the request and gather community feedback on the nomination. The school board is ultimately responsible for naming any district facility.

    The goal for these recognition opportunities is to celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions of anyone associated with the Ashland schools. We hope that this will lead to greater pride in our great school district and inspire others to greatness.

    Achievement Hall of Fame Guidelines and Nomination Form

    Athletic Hall of Fame Guidelines and Nomination Form

    School Closing Information:

    Occasionally it is necessary to close or cancel school because of weather. The district makes the decision to close school after consulting with many state and local officials regarding weather conditions. If school is canceled before classes begin in the morning, the announcement will be carried on the following local radio stations: WBSZ (93.3 FM), WJJH (96.7 FM), WNXR (107.3 FM), WATW (1400 AM) and television stations WDIO-10, FOX-21, KBJR-6 and KDLH-3. It would be advisable for parents to tune in one of these stations as this procedure is followed for both district wide closings as well as the closing of individual schools within the district.

    If classes are already in session and it is necessary to close the schools or if individual schools must be closed because of maintenance problems such as no water or no heat, the announcement of school closing will be made on the same stations.

    Extremely low temperatures by themselves are not usually a reason to close school. School buildings are warm and comfortable, and a nourishing meal is available for children on such days.

    Parent/guardians are urged not to call the school to ask if the school will close. This ties up the telephone line and prevents its use in case of an emergency.

    You, as a parent, may decide that the weather is too severe to send your child to school (especially a younger child). Please send a note with your child stating that reason upon their return. Your decision in this matter is respected by the school district administration.

    If the school district is closed because of bad weather, all athletic, after-school and evening events are also canceled.

    School Messenger:

    School safety is important to all of us, and in the School District of Ashland we review our emergency response plans on a continual basis. I am writing to inform you of a new tool in our district’s emergency response plan called School Messenger. We now have the ability to inform all district parents and guardians of a school or district emergency within minutes. In the event that you have more than one student attending our schools, the system will eliminate duplicate numbers and send one phone message per number.

    We will also be able to use School Messenger to send general informational messages or attendance updates to parents and guardians. A general message, one that is not an emergency, will be sent to the telephone contact number that is designated as the evening/weekend contact number.

    Your child’s safety is our priority. These improvements mean that our school district is better equipped to ensure the safety of your child by keeping you informed in a timely manner. We appreciate your support and partnership in educating all our district’s children.


    The School District of Ashland contracts its bussing service with Lakeshore Buses, Inc.

    To obtain your student(s) bus stop location and times of pick-up and drop-off, please contact Lakeshore Buses directly at (715) 682-3669.

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    Our schools are a great place to work and learn because the School District of Ashland community members value high quality education for each student.

    One way that parents, grandparents, friends and community members show their support for our schools is by volunteering. All grade levels and schools have ample opportunities for you to be an active part of our students' education.

    If you would like more information about the volunteer opportunities in the School District of Ashland, please contact our Parent Volunteer Coordinator at (715) 682-7083 ext. 3007 or (715) 682-7085 ext. 4325.

    We look forward to working with you to make our schools the very best they can be!