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    Conservation Counts


    As school budgets are shrinking, operating costs are increasing. School districts are realizing that one of the "cheapest" ways to save money is to conserve energy. The School District of Ashland is taking charge in a big way. We are the first school district in Wisconsin to engage our schools in energy conservation, using a cutting-edge Energy Information System. Our Energy Center collects the complex data from our utility bills and advanced metering, and presents it in a user-friendly format that engages and empowers our schools to save energy. 

    Progressive school districts engage Principals, Teachers and Custodians in energy conservation. Teachers engage students, and then students engage their families. There are lots of creative ways to get involved, no matter what role you play in the district. 

    The School District of Ashland is proud to serve as a model for Wisconsin school districts.  

     Please click here to view our Online Energy Center