District Vehicle Calendars

  • Use the links below to view schedules for School District of Ashland vehicles.  You must have a district Google account to view the calendars.

    To make vehicle reservations, please complete the vehicle request form.

    To be approved for driving privileges, please read the Vehicle Safety & Use Procedure and complete the Application for Driving Privileges form for driving at least 7-10 days in advance of your request for use .

    Forward completed application and approved vehicle requests to Karie Hudson at the Maintenance office, extension 6101 or email to khudson@sdak12.net


    Note: Vehicle requests for the Oredocker Project School van, please contact Patti Larson, extension 2003 at Ashland Middle School and for the Lake Superior High School van, please contact Bert Hursh, extension 1438 at Ashland High School.