District Vehicle Calendars

  • Use the links below to view schedules for School District of Ashland vehicles.  You must have a district Google account to view the calendars.

    To be approved for driving privileges, please read the Vehicle Safety & Use Procedure and complete the Application for Driving Privileges form and allow 7-10 days for your application to be processed.  Forward to Stacie Stariha at the maintenance office, Ext 6101 or email to: sstariha@sdak12.net

    To make vehicle reservations, please complete the  vehicle request form  The request must be approved and coded by your administrator before forwarding it to Stacie Stariha at the maintenance office.  If preferred, your request can be emailed to: sstariha@sdak12.net 

    Note: Vehicles will not be reserved for use until the approved vehicle request form is received.