• Enrollment for the 2019/2020 school year begins on February 4th & ends on March 15th.

    (Enrollment for the Project Based Charter schools is currently taking applications for our waiting list.  Someone will contact you after your application has been processed.)

    • Lake Superior Learning Community serves grades 3 thru 6.


    • Lake Superior High School and Oredocker Project School serve grades 7 thru 12 in multi-age, project based setting.


    Here are some of the ways these critical changes will help us better serve students:

    • A broader, multi-age model gives more students access to older peers who can role-model important problem solving, project process and social-emotional skills.


    • Combining staff at the secondary level gives both middle and high school students more support and opportunities for community learning.


    • Having the two 'home-bases' in close proximity (elementary and high school) allows all students the opportunity to collaborate with students from the other PBL school (something our middle schoolers struggled with previously).


    School District of Ashland's Multi-Age Project Based Learning Schools:


    Ashland Charter Schools provide an opportunity in the School District of Ashland for students in engage students in hands on, student driven learning at three schools for grades 3-12. All students are eligible to apply. Each school is unique and reflects the needs of the age range it serves while sharing the following elements:


    Project Based Learning (PBL) - students learn by researching, designing, and presenting a project to answer a real world problem, meet a challenge, or serve a community interest.


    Multi-Age Environment - Students of different ages are learning together as one class, not separated by grade level. This allows for a rich diversity of skills, interests, and abilities.


    Advisory Based Structure - Students are assigned an advisor that will stay with them throughout their time in the school. Students will have other instructors but they will spend time daily with their advisory group.


    Shared Guiding Principles