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Thank You Community!

Thank You Note to the Ashland Schools Community


The School Board and staff of the School District of Ashland would like to express, again, our gratitude to the community for supporting our facility referendum.  We recognize the faith you have placed in us.  We also recognize that a segment of our community did not support the referendum.  For you, and all community members, please know that the District will be diligent in investing this revenue to its best advantage to support students and staff. We will keep the community updated on each step of the process and offer opportunities for input.


The first step in the process is to identify a construction firm and architectural firm.  These two firms are needed to help us collect staff and community input and turn it into designs to create spaces where every student can thrive.  These firms will be selected through invitational interviews and voted on by the School Board.  Once the firms are approved, a schedule of input sessions will be developed and advertised.


A rough timeline for the project includes design development through late June ending with approval of rough plans.  This is followed by development of more detailed final project plans that must be ready to go out to bid by next winter.  Bids for all work will be open to any qualified firm.  The project will break ground in the Spring of 2017.  The anticipated project completion date is August of 2018.  While work on new additions can occur during the school year, renovation work must be done during the short summer months so as to not interfere with students’ education.  The five building projects at each school and the field house are very complex and require a high degree of both technical and organizational expertise.  


This project represents, both physically and philosophically, exciting and challenging times in education.  More is known about effective teaching and learning than ever before.  More students are successful in school than ever before.  Yet, at the same time, political support for public education is questionable.  With funding continuing to be reduced in favor of support for private voucher schools and policy undermining the decision making authority of professional educators.


The School District of Ashland will continue to thrive, with the strong support of our community, and improve service to students and their families.  We will seek continually to create ways to engage students and community and offer the most effective instructional methods to meet the needs of each student.  


Again, thank you for your continued support of our schools.





Dr. Keith Hilts                                                                        Jessica Pergolski

Superintendent                                                                       School Board President


 Thank You Letter  (pdf file - 301kb)